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♪ hello again everyone this is al jazeera, i'm tony harris. president obama met with his national security team today to discuss cutting some of the billions of dollars in aid the u.s. sends to egypt every year, the house with says it has not made final decisions on funding, but is evaluating the aid. the suspect in shooting at an atlanta area elementary school is now in custody. a s.w.a.t. team rushed to the area after the gunman fired at least one shot. no injuries were reported and all students are accounted for. a federal agency declares the two wildfires burning out of control in idaho as a top
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priority. more than 1700 are battling the fires. thousands are still under mandatory vacation orders. the president's son is in a houston hospital undergoing tests, he experienced dizziness and weakness while on vacation last week. the iphone is going gold. apple will release a gold colored phone. it is expected to be unveiled next month. and those are the headlines. "real money with ali velshi" starts right now.
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mission. >> there's more to america, more stories, more voices, more points of view. now there's are news channel with more of what americans want to know. >> i'm ali velshi and this is "real money." this is "america tonight." sglovrjs our -- >> our news coverage reveal more of america's stories. antonio mora brings you smart conversation that challenges the status quo with unexpected opinions and a fresh outlook. including yours. ♪ paying the price for some
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knuckle headed decisions.
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♪ i'll tell you why some
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of your retirement money is going into someone else's pocket. ñññññ

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